Unbelievably the sun is still shining and it really does feel like we are having a proper summer. I can’t bear it when it gets really hot but this is lovely. I am trying to get my act together to go across to France and buy some more stoves but I have been spoiled by us going together and we can’t do that this time as our daughter Lucy has got a summer job at the very upmarket (ex Kate Middleton) Marlborough College whilst they have their summer for school. This necessitates early starts and she needs a lift in 2 mornings a week as there are no buses that early so one of us has to stay to carry out our parental duties and look after the animals. I am putting it off but I really must do it before the French all go on their ‘vacances’ in August. We are still selling stoves very steadily which is still a surprise given the weather and time of year. A lot of people we are getting through the showroom are mentioning  the fact that they love having a showroom to come and see them before they buy (and often change their mind once they see  them all) and they are very surprised that no-one else seems to do this, I am certainly very sceptical of any website which does   not have UK contact details with a landline and UK address. The stoves are often 80 years old and you want to know that there      is someone to sort out a problem should one arise. Still, I shouldn’t complain, it’s our gain. well I’d better go and hunt out some       new stock over in France and get that ferry booked.