Well summer is finally upon us, Wimbledon has started and all is well in the world. Stove sales are still brisk which is great as we thought they would die down a bit in the summer but they just seem to be getting better and better. We have been having a big push to introduce a bit more furniture and bits and pieces into the showroom to make it more interesting. We have some exceptionally lovely pieces which Tom has worked his magic on to turn them into something exceptional. We have tried to theme it so that it is inkeeping with our French Barn and I think we have succeeded on the whole. So why not pop in and have a look at what we have got? We usually have the kettle or coffee machine on so come and have a natter and discuss your requirements and we will see what we can do. Meanwhile, make the most of the sunshine as it is bound to be raining at the weekend in time for Glastonbury!