This is a photo of the square in Bethune which has the bell tower on it from the 1300s. we stayed overnight here on Friday on our latest buying trip. Great B&B if you’re ever there called City Relax Bethune. Run by a great couple with only 3 rooms but each room has a relaxing theme to it. So ours had an excercise bike, one had a massage chair etc. There was also a suana for clients use. We had a sucessful trip and got some great stoves which we have never had before, one from a company called Huet from 1860 in stunning condition. Must have been in a very impressive fireplace as it’s huge and very ornate, a real head turner. We are hoping the passport crisis has passed as ours both run out in early September and we can’t make up our minds whether to leave it till the last minute to renew or do them now and hope they come back quickly. I might wait till they run out just in case some good stoves come on between now and then. If Tom sent his off now then we should be covered. Showroom is looked good and well stocked though we have had a very busy start to August. Enjoy the weather whilst it lasts.