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So would you love one of our gorgeous stoves but don't have a chimney or a flue or maybe just don't want the expense of having a liner put in your chimney? Well now you can. We sell Bio Ethanol fireboxes for those of our clients who want the aesthetic of our gorgeous antique wood burners but are unable to accommodate one requiring a flue. This can be in many different situations such as rented accommodation, conservatories, new houses with no chimney, flats and apartments, thatched properties, properties where the chimney has been removed or blocked up, or where you just don't don't want the expense of having your chimney lined. They have proved very popular with clients often coming back for another one for a different room.

Bio Ethanol fires have been around for years and are recently getting a lot of positive press from the big interior design blogs and magazines and Houzz actually named them as one of the top 10 trends of 2017. These specially made boxes sit inside the fire box of the wood burner and then all you need to do is pour Bio Ethanol fuel into the box and light with a long match, sit back and enjoy. There is no need for a chimney or flue as they simply emit the same as you do when you exhale; so no fumes, no mess, no hassle.

We should all be aware of the damage we are doing to the environment and mitigate it wherever possible. So bearing that in mind, Bio Ethanol has many plus points: it is made from products like waste wheat which would otherwise be discarded, it is 100% efficient. With current warnings over the effect our lifestyle is having on our planet, anything which helps has to be a good thing. Couple with its efficiency and reasonable running costs, what’s not to like?

There are two types of boxes. The longer, larger one is suitable for a lot of our dedicated wood burners (the ones which look more like a box shape) give out 3kW of heat which is significant. The other round, smaller box which fits Lilys, Lilyvers, Hellas etc gives out 2kW. However, this does not take into account the radiant heat of the stove so it may well be more. They are so hot you cannot actually touch the wood burner after 30 minutes or so.

They burn for approx 3-4 hours on a litre of fuel which costs around £2.00 a litre delivered next day (when bought in boxes of 24 bottles). The boxes cost £95 for the large burner box and £55 for the smaller, round burner box. Sorry we only sell these to clients buying our stoves as they are not suitable for all stoves and we would be reluctant to sell to someone who has no experience of these things.

This means that you can literally buy one of our stoves today and have it working tonight in your house, snuggled up in front of it, watching those lovely flames. How good is that?

Please note these are not suitable for all of our stoves and we adapt many of our stoves to facilitate a clean burn and we recommend that they are used with the door of the stove not latched and the air screw either fully open or even removed as they need air to burn cleanly. As with all appliances which "burn", a Carbon Monoxide alarm is advised as per the building regulations.

If you would like further information about this fantastic product please give us a ring on 01672 810317.