Press Cuttings


Press Cuttings

Reclaim Magazine Issue 6 2016

This is a fairly new magazine which is all about everything "Reclaimed". We were very pleased to get a 3 page feature on our business and gorgeous stoves with plenty of photographs so readers can see the range of our stoves. It's our first major feature so all the more special for that.

Homes and Antiques Magazine December 2014

One of our lovely stoves, a Noel by Pied Selle was named as one of their five best stoves in Homes and Antiques magazine in
December 2014.

Period Ideas Magazine March 2017

Another of our lovely stoves by Boucher et Cie named as one of the Editor's three best stoves.

Reclaim Magazine Issue 15

Another one of our lovely stoves featured in their Pretty in Pink feature





Q. Are they easy to install?

A. You need a competent fitter who is aware of the current regulations but if you have an existing chimney it should not be difficult to drop down a suitable chimney liner. We would always recommend using a professional. You could take a look at this site find a stove installer Please do not be fooled into thinking that Hetas is a legal obligation, it is not. The only thing you need to comply with is building regulations, though Hetas would prefer for you to think otherwise. You may get the odd question about CE marks which does not apply as you can prove they were made prior to the regulation dated 1/07/13 and whether the efficiency if 65% to which I do not know the answer. All I can say is we have never failed to have a stove fitted and they have been put in new build, exisiting buildings and extensions. We have a bit of a list of recommended installers which will will happily impart to you if you buy a  stove from us.

Q. What is the difference between a wood burner and a dual fuel stove?

A. Wood burners generally don’t have any sort of grid or grate in them as they don’t need air from underneath to make them burn whereas dual fuel stoves do need one. They often have either metal or firebrick linings inside the stove as the coal or anthracite will burn much hotter than wood so insulation is needed to protect the enamel.

Q. We do not have chimney or a flue, can we still have a wood burner?

A. Yes you can. You can buy one of our dedicated wood burners but instead of burning wood, you could use it with one of our bio ethanol boxes inside. This then burns bio ethanol fuel instead and gives off not harmful vapours, just carbon dioxide and a very small amount of water vapour.

Q. I live in the USA/France/New Zealand/China can I buy a stove from you and have it shipped?

A. Yes, we regularly ship all over the world by courier. We parcel them ourselves to make sure they arrive in one piece and insure them just to make sure. Most stoves will be with you in 1-2 weeks including customs clearance.

Q. How do I know what size stove I need?

A. As a rough guide if your room is approx 2.5m high measure the length and the width in metres and multiply them to give you the floor area. Multiply the answer by 100 then multiply by 1.75 and this will give you a rough guide. e.g: a room 4x5m =20sq m x 100 = 2000 x 1.75 =3500 which gives you the watts, ie 3.5kw. People often over-estimate the size of stove they need in a room so be careful. A simpler way is to work out the room’s cubic meterage and divide my 14 if it is of average insulation, divide my 30 if it is super thermally efficiient and divide my 10 if it is not insulated at all with all outside walls.

Q. Can I take a stove home in the back of my car?

A. Yes, the vast majority of our stoves would fit in the average car. Just make sure you have  someone the other end to help you lift it out. Also it is a good idea to bring old blankets or similar to protect it and something to secure it as you don’t want 50kgs of solid metal flying around if you have to stop suddenly.

Q. I thought the windows were made of glass but they aren’t, it’s like plastic, what is it?

A. It’s a natural substance called MICA which is mined, often in India. It laminates and gets disproportionately more expensive the larger the piece you need as it is much harder to mine large pieces.

Q. Where can I buy replacement Mica for my wood burner?

A. Look no further, contact us and we can sort you out if you bought your stove from us.

Q. Are old wood burning stoves eco friendly?

A. Yes they certainly are. They are considered to be carbon neutral as the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere by the burning wood is thought to be off-set by the carbon absorbed during the life of the tree. Gathering fallen wood on country walks is also beneficial both environmentally and economically.

Q. Can you give me a valuation of my stove?

A. I am sorry but there are too many points to consider to give a reasonable valuation without actually seeing the stove. Have a look at prices across the internet to get an idea but as with everything so much depends on the condition.

Q. Do you want to buy my stove?

A. Not being rude, but probably not, unless you are prepared to bring it to us to look at as we source all our stoves on buying trips to France where we look at them in great detail before purchasing and we certainly don’t have time to traipse around the country to view one stove.

Q. Can you source a particular stove I have fallen in love with?

A. Probably if you have the details and/or a photo of one. We can’t guarantee anything but we go over to France very regularly and have a good chance of finding what you want. Get in touch for details.

Q. Is there a website where I can access original information about old wood burning stoves?

A. We came across a great site called Ultimheat which has a page with fascinating information about all types of old stoves including old catalogues etc. Well worth a visit.

Q. Where can I buy suitable logs from?

A. Ask around in your area especially any friends who already have a log burner or have a look here or here. Just type in your town and county. Of course you can also take your dog for a walk and see what you can find.

Q. We would like to come and visit the showroom but it's a bit of a trek, is there anything else to do in your area whilst we are there?

A. Marlborough and the Downs is a great area to visit. The town is great, Hungerford which is full of Antique shops is 10 miles away and Avebury is about 6 miles away so loads to do. Come and see us.