I can’t believe it is St Paddy’s day already, I’m a year older, and Spring is definitely on the way. Tom and I went to France 2 weeks ago on a bit of a flying trip. It was the French school holidays whcih was bad timing (we should know better) but we managed to get some really different, interesting stoves including this Beauty (literally) below. We have already sold some of them but it is always good to get different stock in and makes a change from the usual Lilys, Chauffettes etc. We have found since Christmas that we have been selling a lot more stoves with bio ethanol boxes and even had one guy buy one, and the day after he receievd it, ordered another one for his bedroom! They are brilliant because, though they don’t fit every stove, they do open up the possibility of a gorgeous French stove to everyone as no flue is needed. Great for these nights when sometimes it is cold enough for central heating and sometimes you just want a bit of heat in the sitting room or conservatory. Well worth a look. You can literally buy it, take it home and light it! Anyway, I am trying to get my books up to date so I had better press on.