Thought I had better update my blog as I haven’t been on here since December and we are now in February already. Christmas seems a long time ago now and the nights are getting lighter so I am travelling home in the light which is brilliant. So depressing when you go to and from work in the dark. As expected we had a quiet start to the year as everyone is catching up on the expense of Christmas but now the first pay day has passed, stoves are going to their new homes and plenty of good enquiries coming in as well. We are hopefully off to France in the next two or three weeks to find some different stoves. We have a good selection of the usual suspects at the mo but will be looking out for some different ones as well. We seem to be selling a lot more Bio Ethanol burners. They are so clever because even if you don’t have a chimney or a flue you can use one. We have even had people buy them for stoves which they use as conventional wood burners and they use them on the days when they only want it on for an hour or two or they just can’t be bothered to light a conventional fire. Check out our video on the front page if you haven’t seen them in action. Wishing you all a very belated 2015.