Well I just realised that I haven’t updated my blog for some time as summer has now arrived (sort of). It has been a very busy month or two. We got back from France a couple of weeks ago with a van load of wood burners. Our van has decided to confound our usual garage at only 4 years old, so we are taking it off to Citroen this week to see if they can work out what is wrong with it and then we’re selling it as we need reliablity.  We had to borrow a van from Mercedes as a test drive when we went over to France to put it throught it’s paces, sadly we didn’t like it at all so now we are looking at the new Transit. Watch this space. Apart from that we have definitely noticed an upturn in bio ethanol sales for our wood burners. It means that people can have one of our lovely stoves whatever their situation as you don’t need a flue so it opens things up to anyone who can afford a stove ( I realise that does not mean everyone and a lot of people ar still feeling the effect of ‘austerity’ but don’t start me…)

We are also looking to update our website over the next couple of months once I get to grips with the new software so it will depend on how intelligent I am feeling (could be years…) meanwhile enjoy the sun while it shines.