When we go to France we always try to find a real head turner as well as the usual Deville Lilys, Godin Chauffettes, Pied Selles etc. We don't always succeed but we certainly managed it on the last trip over with this lovely stove by Deville. We bought this stove from a lady who we had made an appointment with us on the trip before but we had got no response when we rang the bell. She later got in touch to apologise and tell us she had fallen asleep. We decided to chance it and made another appointment to buy a Deville Lily. When we got there and agreed the purchase of the Lily she mentioned that she had 2 other stoves for sale and would we be interested. This was one of those 'other stoves'. What a result. After a lot of hard work taking it completely apart, a lot of polishing, this is the end result. What an absolute stunner. What makes me laugh is the faces on the cherubs, they look quite old cherubs is all I can say. Fantastic brightwork and detail in the globe amongst other things. A real find and not to be missed as we have never had another.