Well we got back from France just yesterday, on the overnight ferry. I love going to sleep in France and waking up in Portsmouth. I do find the journey in the day fairly tedious and the idea of a cruise just fills me with absolute horror, just so boring.
This trip we mostly did Paris and the Loire, where we used to live. It was a good trip as we came back with 15 stoves, two of which are absolute stunners, one of which is just so unusual and I have certainly never seen one like it before and it has the original very ornate tool with it which is an added bonus. I love it when people have keep everything together as they so often lose bits and pieces, original tools are always a bonus.
Apart from these two stunners we got lots of Chauffettes, Pied Selles and a couple of Lilys which are all great as they can be used with bio ethanol as well as their intended fuel which is great at the moment as we are finding such a high demand for bio friendly stoves. They are outselling conventional stoves about 2:1 at the moment.
I'd better get on and get them all booked in and get stuck in so we can get them turned over for you. Spring is nearly upon us so have a great time.