We have had an extraordinarily busy week or two with stoves going off all over the world. The internet is a truly amazing thing. It would be terribly hard to run this business without it or a sat nav! Many of our customers have said like the fact that it is very easy to see on our website exactly what is for sale without trawling through loads of already sold stoves or stoves which say sold but repeatable. We have tried to go for clarity and it certainly seems to be paying off. We have managed to push our google ratings so we regularly come up in the top 3 or 4 if you google french antique stoves or similar which is brilliant. We have over 2700 likes on Facebook and climbing and it all makes a difference. This is a stove we managed to source remarkably quickly for a good client of ours who knows exactly what he wants and   we are finding more and more that clients are looking for particular stoves though we are still getting a lot of people      just choosing one of our stoves in stock. It is very satisfying to hunt down the right model in the correct colour and condition, restore it and then see the customer’s face light up. A recent reaction being “Amanda, it looks bloody gorgeous. Mine, mine, mine” what could be better? Have a good weekend.