Well, what a busy month, definitely our best since we began. All the hard work is beginning to pay off. People seem to be loving the stoves. We have been over to France 3 times this month which is a record for us. I feel we have a good range of stock to suit everyone. I am very excited about our new Bio Ethanol burners which fit some of our stoves, though not all. They are a great compromise for people who would likw one of our stoves but don’t have a flue or the facility to install one. Particularly relevant if you already have central heating and just want a bit of heat and the look of a wood burner as they give out up to 3Kw.

We are about to move home in the next couple of weeks and then after that we are going to arrange an open day (somewhat late) but better late than never. So watch our FB page for your invitation and come and join us for a galss of wine and a look at our current stock. Have a great bank holiday weekend.