What a lovely change this weather has been, sunny and bright if still a bit of a chilly wind. I was so fed up with the relentless rain over the winter, it's so hard to motivate yourself to so anything when it is raining non stop. Anyway, we have recently returned from France. We went on a buying trip to the Loire region which is where we used to live and got to stay in one of our favourite hotels La Fleuray at Cangey, in between Blois and Amboise for 2 nights which was great as we usually stay in a different hotel each night. Staying 2 nights made it feel like a proper break and not just work which was much appreciated and needed as we have been working hard the last year. We found some really great stoves, completely different to our current stock. Now comes the hard work of restoring them and listing them for sale. We already have 5 out and tomorrow we collect another 4 from the sand blasters so they need finishing and will look great. We have 3 stripped ones which we have never had stripped before so that is exciting as it really shows the detail and we are finding more and more clients loving their simplicity and crispness. Wait and see what you think.