Busy times here at the French Barn. We have sold some of my favourite stoves over the last few weeks including the oldest stove we have ever had, made by Huet & Cie. It has gone to a suitably impressive sounding house so at least that is something to be thankful for knowing it has a good resting place. Apart from that it has been fun, customers have come in having reserved a particular stove and gone out with not just one but two completely different stoves, people have bought ethanol burners so they can have a stove in their conservatory etc etc. We have also had a mention in Homes and Antiques magazine who did a feature on fireplaces and had one of our stoves in their top 5 stoves so that was brilliant. Now to get ready for the Christmas rush and we are off to France next weekend for the next batch of beauties, trying to pick up a few more front loaders (well that’s the plan but anything could happen).