Well Barney the storm is on his way out and it's been pretty grim. I was at work all morning by myself and Lucy, our daughter arrived at lunch time and asked why we had a gaping hole in the roof/ceiling!! We are based in an old grain drying barn and the ceiling had small skylights which have since been taken out but the roof is lined with sarking boards and the skylight hole is still in the boards but they have slates over then on the outside so once the slate slipped we were exposed to the elements. Strangely, given the stormy night we had, we had no damage this morning. Anyway, I believe that now we have the stormy weather over, the cold weather is arriving shortly at the weekend. This is the time of the year when your wood burner really comes into it's own. How great is it to arrive home from work, in the dark, and light up your wood burner and sit back and watch those flames, just lovely. Almost worth having cold weather